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Life At The Hamlets at Duncan

Life at The Hamlets at Duncan

Imagine a lifestyle where you never have to prepare a meal, one where there are friendly people to socialize with, and all your health needs are taken care of. That lifestyle is what we strive to provide for our residents at the Hamlets at Duncan.

We have designed our home to provide the perfect layout to achieve this. Our community has a total of 88 LTC (Long term care) and 53 independent-living rooms that are divided into five smaller neighbourhoods called “Hamlets”.

Each Hamlet community has its own dining space, recreation areas, and quiet room. We think this is the best way to provide ample amounts of space but to also encourage connecting as a group.

The community at The Hamlets at Duncan is built around supporting and empowering individuals to live their best life. Whether that is done through group outings, solo walks, or bouncing between the unique Hamlets, we make sure that our residents live the lifestyle they want to.

The Hamlets at Duncan is also focused on promoting and incorporating spiritual practices or sacred spaces. These areas can be a gathering place where people conduct spiritual practices. Additional activities, including smudging, can be accommodated.

No matter the lifestyle The Hamlets at Duncan can be perfect for you. We aim to assist our residents in what they need help with and leave the rest up to them. If you are curious about what activities we get up to, look at our monthly calendar.

If you have any questions, please contact us.