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Our Connection with Nature

Our Connection with Nature

The Hamlets at Duncan is a unique independent-living space that offers a connection with nature that few have experienced. Thanks to our wonderful location, we have worked closely with the Sonemos Conservation Area to create a layout for our home that is inviting and authentic. We have drawn upon the outdoors and styled our Hamlets in a way that encourages “bringing the outside in” and having a close connection with the nearby land.

To build the right home for our residents, we needed to make sure we related to our surroundings. When people see The Hamlets at Duncan, they are mesmerized by the backdrop of the Somenos Conservation Area. We are situated in a location that provides ample ways to experience nature and we have done our best to incorporate them into our home.

This connection with nature continually pays dividends for our residents. There are several secure outdoor spaces within walking distance of our community. Moreover, the nearby Sonemos Area is teeming with animals to marvel at. Spending time in the Sonemos area is a great way to connect with nature and de-stress. As you walk, you will be accompanied by a splendid view of Mount Prevost in the background.

The Hamlets at Duncan will continue to focus on sustainable practices and working with the conservatory to ensure the best possible experience for our residents. Our property is constantly adding green spaces and our activity calendar usually has ways for our residents to get involved and help!

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